ION Alberta Lunch Meeting – Wednesday August 14, 2013

Oleg Salychev, chief designer and co-founder of Teknol Inc., presented Multiplatform approach to inertial navigation

The new approach to stand-alone inertial navigation solution is suggested. It is based on the combination of different motion dependent navigation solutions. Each solution has an optimal property for the certain motion mode. The global optimal system combines these individual solutions in order to create the final one, which is acceptable for all possible motion modes of the carrier. This approach is referred to as a multi-platform navigation, where each calculated platform simultaneously provides individual navigation solution and the master filter combines the above results in order to achieve the highest accuracy for all possible motion parameters.

Speaker’s Bio
Oleg Salychev received his M.Sc. and Ph.D. in applied mathematics/cybernetics from Moscow State Technical University (MSTU) in 1976 and 1980 respectively. His area of expertise was control systems and inertial navigation. In 1987 he became a professor at his home university at the Department of Gyros and Navigation Systems and was a chief researcher at MSTU. In 1992 he was named head of the Laboratory of Inertial Navigation Systems. In 1996 he became an adjunct professor at University of Calgary. Since 2003 he is a chief designer and co-founder of Teknol Inc. This company designs and manufactures IMUs. Oleg has a broad knowledge and expertise in a variety of topics related to inertial navigation, INS/GPS integration, geodetic engineering, precise positioning and exploration geophysics. He led many design projects such as development of the first Russian inertial survey system ITC-1, a high grade inertial system for missiles, a platform inertial system for estimation of gravity and deflection of the vertical, an airborne gravimetry system to name a few. Oleg has written eight books dedicated to estimation theory, inertial technology, data processing and related application problems. Four of his latest books are in English.