ION Alberta Lunch Meeting – Tuesday February 17th, 2015

Dr. James Curran, Joint Research Center of the European Commission presented GNSS Raw Intermediate Frequency Receiver for Atmospheric Monitoring

GNSS-based studies of the ionosphere have been traditionally conducted using navigation receivers, however, in recent years, the capture of intermediate-frequency GNSS has attracted interest, and has proven useful both for atmospheric monitoring, and for receiver design and test. The capture of raw IF, however, poses some challenges. Researchers at the Joint Research Center (JRC), Italy, have recently begun the deployment of a wide network of GNSS-based atmospheric monitoring stations, centered around a software-defined receiver running on a custom hardware platform. This talk will present the design and development, and some of the challenges encountered in the process.
Speaker’s Bio

James T. Curran received a B.E. in Electrical & Electronic Engineering in 2006 and a doctorate in Telecommunications in 2010, from University College Cork, Ireland. He worked for three years as a senior research engineer with the PLAN Group in the University of Calgary from 2011 and is currently a grant-holder at the Joint Research Center (JRC) of the European Commission (EC), Italy. His main research interests are signal processing, information theory, cryptography and software defined radio.