ION Alberta Virtual Meeting – Tuesday May 23, 2023

Daniel Ammann, presented the onocoy’s project, in a virtual lecture.

Daniel Ammann, co-founder of u-blox AG, and responsible for all u-blox GNSS products until 2019. Consultant to the global navigation industry since 2020. Focus on emerging businesses and technical trends in GNSS. Leadership and General management experience, Technology-Startups, Mergers & Acquisitions, presented

onocoy’s project aims to provide scalable correction services by leveraging web3 methods and distributed ledger technology. Such technology will facilitate a decentralized approach to the number of GNSS reference stations, 20 times the density compared to other solutions in the market. The ultra-dense distribution of GNSS reference stations will be established in the shortest time frame, allowing easy and global access to instant centimeter-level positioning.

Utilizing web3 methods with distributed ledgers and smart contracts, onocoy is poised to create the world’s densest distribution of GNSS reference stations that will enable RTK positioning anywhere. By applying an open governance system, the interests of all stakeholders are taken into account in a transparent manner, ensuring that the project effectively addresses the needs of the stakeholders.

The project will enable users to have the highest quality in GNSS data thanks to rigorous data validation and an innovative incentive scheme for miners, where high quality data is rewarded. Additionally, to this, service costs are kept at a minimum thanks to cutting-edge technology implementation and the wide user base. As a result, users have complete freedom to shape their solution to fit their market’s needs in the most efficient way.