ION Alberta Virtual Meeting – Wednesday June 10, 2020

Matt Lowe gave a presentation on Why you need millimetre-level positioning in your life [download here]

Presenter: Matt Lowe, co-founder and CEO of ZeroKey

Description: A short primer on millimetre-level hyper-accurate indoor localization technologies, with a shameless focus on ZeroKey’s Smart Space technology.

Bio: Matt Lowe, co-founder and CEO of ZeroKey, is a native Calgarian with a passion for tech and entrepreneurship. As the original inventor behind ZeroKey’s Smart Space technology, Matt holds over 22 patents, and is responsible for taking a back-of-the-napkin idea and building it into a rapidly scaling tech company. Prior to founding ZeroKey, Matt worked as the head of IT (North American subsidiaries) of Wilo, a major manufacturing company with global revenue of over $2 billion USD. Over the course of a 15+ year career in the tech industry, Matt has contributed to several mega projects including Linux and Arduino. Linux is used by over 2 billion devices worldwide including all Android smartphones, and Arduino is the preeminent electronics prototyping platform.