ION Alberta Lunch Meeting – Monday, March 26, 2018

Dr. Jason Bond gave a presentation on Modernization of Canada’s Geodetic Positioning Infrastructure to Serve Industry Needs over the Next 20 Years


Dr. Jason Bond, Positioning, Navigation and Timing Lead, Geodetic Survey Division, Natural Resources Canada


Industry trends towards having access to high-accuracy, real-time positioning information has placed new demands on Canadian Geodetic Survey (CGS). Traditional approaches of accessing passive survey control for positioning needs and post-processing of data have become a less convenient alternative to real-time positioning. In order to better deliver upon CGS’s mandate which involves providing widespread access to our geodetic reference frame, a modernization strategy is being developed that contributes to a larger Positioning, Navigation and Timing initiative. Presented are some of the design considerations in developing an infrastructure modernization strategy. Also discussed are key components identified as part of the solution.

Speaker’s Bio

Jason Bond is the Positioning, Navigation and Timing lead within Natural Resources Canada’s Canadian Geodetic Survey. He is guiding the development of a strategy for addressing Canada’s positioning needs. His previous work in modernizing the Province of Nova Scotia’s Coordinate Referencing system was recognized by the Geomatics Association of Nova Scotia’s Award of Distinction and by the Premier’s Award of Excellence. He has specializations in geodetic engineering, GNSS and deformation monitoring through masters and doctoral degrees at the University of New Brunswick. Jason also holds a Nova Scotia Land Surveyor designation. Prior to entering the public sector, he designed and implemented deformation monitoring solutions for engineering projects worldwide through a combination of geodetic and geotechnical instrumentation.