ION Alberta Virtual Meeting – Tuesday March 15, 2022

Kris Morin (Hilti AG) presented on Indoor Positioning Challenges in the Digital Construction World.

Speaker Bio:
 Kris Morin is the Head of the Robotics and Visual Computing Group at the Corporate Research and Technology Centre of Hilti AG, based in Schaan, Liechtenstein and Calgary. With over two decades of extensive experience in research and product development, Kris leads projects on topics including construction robotics, human/robot interaction, machine learning, SLAM and indoor positioning.
Abstract: Building construction is the rendition of a large ensemble of instruments, orchestrated to a plan. In the modern construction project, each specialized trade has undergone a digital transformation to better organize and execute their task. But they all share a common need for spatial information. Evolving and emerging technologies around Building Information Management, Reality Capture and Field Automation all require high performance positioning, at a low cost and delivered transparently to the user. This presentation will review uses cases in the digital construction world, trends towards their solutions and challenges in indoor positioning techniques applied on the active jobsite. With the increasing reliance on automated tools, spatial awareness brings harmony to the construction world.